DS Undergraduate Handbook (2022-2023) - Learning Outcomes
University of Utah, School of Computing

DS Degree Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate a knowledge of general computing principles

  • Demonstrate the ability to develop and work with abstractions
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures
  • Be able to analyze the efficiency of algorithms
  • Be able to design and implement efficient algorithms to solve computational problems
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with libraries and a large code base

Show profeciency in data management and analsys

  • Demonstrate ability to gather, clean, and evaluate the worth of data from disparate sources
  • Be able to reshape and assess the significance and robustness of data using statistical and visualization techniques
  • Be able to manage data in a database or data structure so it can be efficiently retrieved for analysis
  • Be able to use stores of data to model and predict future data from a similar source, and known the limitations of such techniques

Show understanding of data science's role, and how to effectively leverage and communicate that role

  • Show understanding how the data science pipeline can affect facets of science, engineering, and technology, and how to assess the ethical implications
  • Be able to work with a domain expert to iteratively formulate a way data science techniques can help solve a challenge they face
  • Be able to work in a team setting towards a common goal
  • Demonstrate clarity in technical communication to a diverse audience