Computer Science Undergraduate Handbook (2021-2022) - Capstone
University of Utah, School of Computing

Capstone Experience

Every student earning a degree in computer science must complete a two-semester capstone requirement, choosing between a team-based software project or an individual research thesis.

Students should enroll in the capstone sequence during their final year of study.

Senior Project

In CS 4000 - Senior Capstone Design and CS 4500 - Senior Capstone Project, small teams of students develop significant software systems using sound, disciplined software engineering practices.

Students should have four or fewer CS electives/required courses left when signing up for this course and should be graduating during the following semester. Further, they should have already completed their advance writing course. For more information on the prerequisites see the course catalog description for CS 4000.

Bachelor's Thesis

In CS 4940 - Undergraduate Research and CS 4970 - Bachelor's Thesis, a student conducts research under the supervision of a faculty member and ultimately produces a publication quality description of the work. Both courses require permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies to register. For more information, interested students can self-enroll in the Canvas course for Undergraduate Research and Thesis

Honors Thesis Work

Both the Senior Project and Thesis options of the Senior Capstone may be used to satisfy the Thesis Work requirement of the Honors Degree. For more information, self-enroll in the Canvas course linked above or see the Honors Faculty Advisor: Professor Tom Henderson (