Computer Science Undergraduate Handbook (2021-2022) - Welcome
University of Utah, School of Computing

Welcome to the School of Computing

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The School of Computing (SoC) has a long tradition of training computer scientists who go on to find a firm footing in industry and graduate school at the local, national, and international levels. Students graduating with a CS degree are extremely sought after, often engage in cutting edge software development, and find a fulfilling and invigorating career.

The Handbook

The Computer Science Undergraduate Handbook details all policies, guidelines, requirements, and responsibilities of students pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science.

Students should take a look at the handbook site map and familiarize themselves with the contents therein.

Students should be aware that the requirements for their CS degree are set upon admission to Full Major Status (FMS) in computer science and based on the given academic year. While many of the requirements remain the same from year to year, no guarantee is made that future years will accept the same courses. Thus students should be careful with taking upper division courses before entering the major.

All students should regularly meet with a CS Academic Advisor about their academic career plans, as well as about any questions they have on the material contained in the handbook.