Computer Science Undergraduate Handbook (2021-2022) - Success
University of Utah, School of Computing

Resources for Success

The path to a degree in computer science can be a challenging one. Many resources are provided to help ensure student success.

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Nearly every CS course has one or more TAs assigned to assist students in learning new material and completing assignments. Students should plan to see TAs regularly to stay on track in a course. If the times and places for meeting with TAs is not clearly posted for a course, ask the instructor.

Note: Full majors in the CS program should consider becoming teaching assistants.

CS Instructor Office Hours

Each faculty member teaching a CS course is required to hold regular office hours, which are times that the instructor is in their office and available to meet with students, no appointment required. Students should use this time to resolve issues not suitable for TAs and seek extra help with course material.

Tutoring Centers

The School of Computing's Tutoring Center is available to help students with many of the intro and core courses. All students are encouraged to use this resource to improve their understanding of core CS concepts.

The College of Engineering Tutoring Center offers free tutoring for math, science, and engineering courses.

The Math Center offers free tutoring for select math courses.

The ASUU Tutoring Center offers paid tutoring for popular lower-division courses.

University Success Advocates

Student Success Advocates are available to help students overcome personal and academic challenges, as well as connect to campus resources and opportunities.

University and College Counseling Centers

The College of Engineering Counseling Services are especially geared toward Engineering students.

The University of Utah Counseling Center (UCC) offers brief individual, couples, and group counseling, psychiatric medication services and psychological assessment for students. Any student who is experiencing adverse stress levels is encouraged to contact their course instructors, a CS academic advisor, and/or the UCC.

University Disability and Access Center

The Center for Disability and Access evaluates disability documentation, determines eligibility, and implements reasonable accommodations for enrolled students as guided by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and University policy.

Some accommodations include: classroom assistance, exam accommodations, note taking services, etc. For a more complete list see the CDA Academic Accommodations page.