CS Undergraduate Handbook (2022-2023) - Degree Requirements
University of Utah, School of Computing

Degree Requirements

The requirements for a degree in computer science are shown and checked in My Degree Dashboard. The following worksheet(s) show(s) the same information in a condensed form:

Important Notes:

  1. The requirements for your degree are set for the academic year upon which you are admitted to the CS major or minor (these requirements may change over time). If you plan to apply at a future date, please consult with the SoC academic advisors about possible upcoming changes that could affect you.

  2. All students should be aware of the SoC degree restrictions and policies as they plan their courses for the degree.

Degree Path Planning

Multi-year plans are provided for help planning a schedule of courses to ensure timely graduation. Plans are available for Track A or Track B students, which is determined by your beginning programming and math courses. It is recommended that all students meet with a SoC academic advisor for help planning a schedule. Taking general education and/or math courses during the summer may help to lighten the load during fall and spring semesters.

Additional Requirements for Graduation

In addition to the required courses listed in the worksheets above, students must complete several other requirements to graduate:

  1. Students earning a degree in computer science must complete a two-semester capstone requirement.

  2. Students pursuing a degree in computer science must complete a minimum of ten (3.0+ credit hour) SoC courses numbered 2000 or above at the University of Utah.

  3. Students must maintain good academic standing.

  4. Credit for all major courses (CS, DS, math, science) expire after ten years; therefore, it may be necessary for students to retake major courses completed over ten years ago.

  5. Students are expected to complete their degree requirements in a timely manner.

Policies and Guidelines

All undergraduate students enrolled in SoC courses or pursuing a degree from the School of Computing should be familiar with all related polices and guidelines.