CS Undergraduate Handbook (2022-2023) - Transfer & AP Credit
University of Utah, School of Computing

Transfer and AP Credit

Through work done in high school or at another university, students may be permitted to transfer credits earned and/or place into advanced courses.

Math Placement

For information on determining your beginning math course at the University of Utah see: Math Placement.

Special Credit Types

For a list of all Special Credits, see the Office of Admissions Special Credit page (specific links shown below).

SoC AP Credit Table

AP EXAM Required Score U Course Waived Course Placement
Biology 4 or 5 Biol 1610
Chemistry 4
Chem 1210
Chem 1210 AND Chem 1220
Physics C: Mech 4 or 5 Phys 2210
Physics C: E&M 4 or 5 Phys 2220
Computer Science A 3-4
CS 1400
CS 1420
CS 1410
CS 2420
Computer Science Principles 3-5 CS 1030 CS 1400 or CS 1420

SoC also uses the same guidelines for Math AP Scores.

Transferring Courses Toward CS Degree Requirements

To petition for credit to satisfy degree requirements based on work done outside of the University of Utah:

  1. Locate materials that fully describe the course taken, including:

    • course description
    • course outline
    • list of assignment descriptions
    • pre-requisite courses
    • textbook(s) used

  2. Verify that your transfer credits have posted to your Degree Audit. If you have a prior degree, you may need to provide a SoC academic advisor with a copy of your transcript for verification.

  3. Follow the instructions below for each course to be petitioned: