Computer Science Undergraduate Handbook (2021-2022) - Minor
University of Utah, School of Computing

Minor in Computer Science

A minor in computer science exposes students to the fundamentals of programming and broader areas of computer science.


All students pursuing a minor in CS must:

  1. complete the pre-minor requirements (Math 1210, and either CS 1400-1410-2420 or CS 1420-2420)
  2. be accepted into the minor
  3. and then complete any three (3+ credit hour) upper-division (3000+) CS courses taken at the University of Utah.
    • Note: CS 2100 (taken at the U) can be counted toward this requirement.

Closely Aligned Majors

The purpose of a Minor is to expose students to a strong core understanding of a field outside of their own major. In the case where the chosen Major and the Minor overlap significantly the value of the minor is lessened. Therefore, certain additional constraints apply:

  • Computer Engineering students may not Minor in Computer Science

  • Electrical Engineering students may only take one CS course which is cross-listed with EE courses. One recommended path for EE students would be to take CS 3500, CS 3505, and CS 3810.

GPA Requirement

Minors in CS must maintain a 2.5 GPA as computed by taking the best grades achieved in three 3000+ CS courses; the following conditions apply

  • The courses must be CS courses numbered at the 3000 or above level.
  • Each course must be three or more credit hours.
  • Each course must be taken at the University of Utah.
  • As a special consideration, if CS 2100 is taken at the University of Utah, it can be considered toward the GPA.
  • Any additional courses beyond the required three that have lower grades will not be considered in the GPA computation. You are encouraged to try additional courses and perhaps even consider CS as a major!

Academic Standing

Additionally, students int he minor are held to the same requirements for Academic Standing as CS Majors.

The following worksheet shows the same information in a condensed form:

Important Notes:

  • All Full Minor Status courses must be taken from the University of Utah.

  • It is highly recommended that the pre-minor courses are taken at the University of Utah.